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21st September 2018 
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Harley Street Counselling and Training • CPD courses

How it works
1. Email Harley Street Counselling and Training expressing your interest in enrollment.
2. We send you our terms and conditions and payment details.
3. Once we have confirmed receipt of payment we will send you the first block of modules i.e. starting with modules one, two and three in an attachment by email.
4. Complete module 1 and send to us for marking.
5. You will receive tutor feedback.

Training. Boxing

CPD Certificate in Psychotherapeutic Counselling and Boxing

The course explores the niche of counselling and psychotherapy with boxers and is the first of its kind. The course is designed for therapists to have a greater understanding of the culture of boxing and its greater diversity. To work in the field of boxing it is important that the rigours of their world are understood.

The course is designed for qualified practitioners of psychotherapy and counselling, logotherapy, coaching, psychology, and supervision who work from a range of counselling models. This is a highly suitable course if you would like to develop additional knowledge in this specialised area.

"The mental health of boxers has for too long been neglected, so any course designed to deal specifically with boxers should be welcomed."
Ben Dirs, Boxing Writer.

The course requires the participant to engage in self-sufficient research, learning journals and an essay. Although the course can be completed within a month; you have 6 months from the start date if you need to complete the course in your own time.

Module 1 – Introduction: How the course works; tell us about you and how you work; explore your hopes, fears and expectations of the course; what is your current understanding of boxing?

Module 2 - About Boxing: Amateur, Professional & Retired: Use research skills to find out about the role of the key governing bodies in boxing; weight classes; current world champions; local gyms.

Module 3 – History of ‘hard luck’ stories: Rags to riches; retirement; case examples; personal tragedy.

Module 4 – Culture, diversity & common issues in boxing: Identification; fear, anxiety, aggression, polarities, stress, making weight, interview excerpts.

Module 5 – Literature review: Assignment.

Module 6 – How psychotherapy could contribute to the welfare of boxers? Assignment.

Module 7 – Consolidation: Learning on the course; questionnaire.

Coursework: 9 themed learning journals; 3 mini-research tasks; 1 literature review; 1 final essay.

Tutor: the tutor will mark the work within 7 working days of each submission received. This excludes UK term time holidays where we may need to communicate and agree marking turnaround times. The tutor will offer you feedback on the work by email.

50 hours CPD

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