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28th March 2020 

Counselling Tunbridge Wells

SPA House,
18 Upper Grosvenor Road
Tunbridge Wells

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Welcome to our award winning practice at SPA House, on the first floor of a period building in central Tunbridge Wells. We have the benefit of 20 years’ working with common obstacles to wellbeing such as counselling for general and health anxiety. Also, counselling for postnatal depression.

We are currently the only private counselling service in Tunbridge Wells that offers additional specialist therapy such as Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy and ego-state therapy in the form of the DNMS.

Our practice also offers Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EMDR and counselling for couples.

Appointment times in Tunbridge Wells.
Tuesday: 8.30 a.m - 8 pm.
Wednesday: 8.30 am - 8 pm.
Thursday: 8.30 am – 8 pm.
Friday: 8.30 am – 6.30 pm.
Saturday: 9.00 am - 1.30 pm.

We are available 7 days a week to receive new enquiries. Contact us now for a free confidential chat with an experienced therapist to discuss your options. Registered with most private health insurers.

Contact a counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

Therapy Fees.
Therapists: 65 per session.
Couples-Counselling: 85 per session.
Lead Therapist: 80 per session - Registered psychotherapist with private health insurers where fees will vary.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Counselling Tunbridge Wells.

Therapists in Tunbridge Wells

Tim Potter - Lead Therapist.
MBACP (Accred) & Registered. Member of the UK Chapter of Logotherapy.

Recognised as a psychotherapist with AXA PPP, Aviva, Bupa, Simply Health, Pru-Health, Medisure, Allianz and WPA.
I have worked as a psychotherapist and counsellor for 20 years. I have much experience working in private practice and private hospital settings as an individual and group counsellor. I work with a range of issues including health anxiety, general anxiety, post natal depression, bereavement, OCD...view counsellor profile.

Niall Crawley-Moore - Individual therapy, couples-counselling, and EMDR Therapy.
MBACP Registered

I have worked in several drug and alcohol recovery units and additionally trained in Volatile Substance Misuse, while working with clients in non-residential medical assisted recovery. I have experience in bereavement counselling and have worked with clients going through pre-bereavement (Anticipatory Grief). I can provide EMDR therapy in Tunbridge Wells......visit counsellor profile.

“From the first session, I felt supported without being judged” Anonymous, Tunbridge Wells, 2017

Private Counselling in Tunbridge Wells

How might counselling help?
We will experience times in our lives when we feel our ability to cope is impaired. We might be clear about why this is and other times it feels more confusing to find a reason. Either way, counselling is likely to be beneficial and our Tunbridge Wells counsellors are prepared to work with you to find a way forward. The counsellor is impartial when enabling you to work through issues, find your own solutions, and guided through specific techniques. When facing up to a problem that is difficult to discuss, we ensure that we provide a supportive, safe, and confidential environment.

Can we help if counselling has not worked for you in the past?
It is no surprise that it might take more than one attempt to find the right counsellor in Tunbridge Wells. At face value, this seems to be down to nature’s way of deciding who we connect to. One factor might be the clients’ motivation to engage in the counselling process. Another factor might be the limitations of the counsellor themselves. We welcome anyone who is sceptical of therapy. We are happy to discuss any questions or reservations you might have.

Tunbridge Wells counselling referrals

We can work cooperatively with a diverse range of healthcare professionals in Tunbridge Wells, who might refer you for counselling. Consultant Psychiatrists, G.P’s, Osteopaths, and other health specialists local to Tunbridge Wells frequently refer to our therapists. We receive most of our private referrals by word of mouth

No G.P referral is necessary for you to see a counsellor if you are self-paying, however, it may be required if you are seeking therapy via your private medical health insurers which you can find out more about using the links below:

AXA PPP counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

AVIVA counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

Bupa counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

We continue to develop strong relationships locally in Tunbridge Wells. We have been published in the Spring edition of the Tunbridge Wells NCT magazine in 2017. We are passionate about raising awareness of private psychotherapy and counselling in the area.

CBT therapy Tunbridge Wells

What is CBT?
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is the favoured approach to therapy in the NHS. CBT is generally considered a short-term option to therapy from 4 to 18 sessions. In our experience, CBT tends to work well with a specific problem without additional complex factors or interrelated issues. CBT can be effective as part of an integrated approach to counselling or psychotherapy. We offer CBT from SPA House in Tunbridge Wells, and is often helpful for generalised anxiety, panic disorder, health anxiety, OCD, and depression.

CBT helps you to challenge the way you think, feel, and behave and teaches ways of coping with specific situations. Techniques are offered in mind of how we think (cognitive) and how we act or demonstrate (behavioural).

We may think in ways that are unhelpful to us; for example, catastrophising or over thinking where we overestimate the problem whilst underestimating our capacity to manage the problem. This has a high probability of influencing our behaviour. For example, we might avoid the situation. Avoidance is a safety behaviour which keeps us from resolving the problem.

Behavioural change can occur when coping strategies are engaged. The behavioural aspects of CBT are frequently the most effective in helping clients to help themselves, whereas the focus on the cognitive aspects of CBT, can be more appealing to a therapist, but they may find themselves entrenched in ‘thinking’ and can get stuck with the client. Effective behavioural change likely influences how we think and feel towards a situation.

Mindfulness-based CBT encourages clients to pay attention to the here and now through techniques heavily influenced by meditation and yoga. Mindfulness-based CBT has seen a rise in popularity in recent years and borrows heavily from other forms of therapy, such as Gestalt therapy and Logotherapy.

Make an appointment in Tunbridge Wells for CBT with one of our therapists.

We offer specialised therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

CBT for OCD in Tunbridge Wells.

Logotherapy in Tunbridge Wells

What is Logotherapy?
Logos is Greek for meaning. Happiness is a by-product of having meaning in your life. Logotherapy defines that meaning is the force of life. This approach is effective with anxiety, addiction, depression, identity, and stress. This is because the techniques associated with Logotherapy aim to meet the deficits that occur when we are leading an unfulfilled life.

The therapy consists of working towards responsibility, the minimisation, (and eventual ending) of symptoms and can be used to help with health anxiety, post natal depression, stress and many other related issues.

Dr. Viktor Frankl believed that we all harbour the will to find meaning. When we are affected by meaninglessness it creates an 'existential vacuum'. Feeling despondent, bored, alone (invisible), lethargic and unmotivated. When we feel this way, basic tasks seem hard.

Dr Frankl formed the basis of his ideas as a result of his experiences as a Holocaust survivor as an inmate at Auschwitz throughout the second world war. He documented his experiences explicitly in a book entitled 'Man's search for meaning'.

Through his brutal experience, Dr Viktor Frankl became passionate about the notion that we can find meaning from unavoidable suffering, which formed the basis for Logotherapy.

Logotherapy is a collaborative approach to therapy with specific techniques. Logotherapy is easily integrated into most approaches to therapy. This form of therapy is available in Tunbridge Wells from our rooms at SPA House near the town centre. We are the only providers of Logotherapy in the area.

Contact a counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

Are you becoming increasingly consumed by worry and overthinking?

Counselling for anxiety in Tunbridge Wells.

Ego State Therapy in Tunbridge Wells

In Tunbridge Wells, we provide a specialised form of ego-state therapy. Specifically, the therapy is called the DNMS, as devised by Shirley Jean Schmidt. The DNMS (Developmental Needs Meets Strategy) is a form of self-reparenting therapy that is a client centred ego state therapy.

The DNMS has a series of protocols to work through in sessions. It is an approach that can work with a wide range of issues and is informed by EMDR, attachment theory, self-reparenting therapy, mirror neurons and developmental psychology.

At the time of writing, we are the only providers listed on the DNMS website in the South of England and one of a very few qualified in Europe.

Contact a counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Private parking at Tunbridge Wells Location

Private parking at SPA House

Visitor guide for parking at SPA House.

Please park in bay 9 marked in blue.

Use bay 8 as an alternative only.

We do not have permission to use any other parking space.

The allocated space is for the use of clients coming for counselling and cannot be used for any other purpose.

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Counselling Tunbridge Wells. AXA PPP Psychotherapy Tunbridge Wells

Private medical health insurers.

Lead therapist, Tim Potter is recognised with most private medical health insurers......view counsellor profile. Please note that often a different fee structure will be in place for counselling funded through private health insurance. Also, the way the fee is obtained will differ from company to company.

Tim is a recognised psychotherapist with AXA PPP. You will need to approach your insurers to see if they will authorise counselling sessions. AXA PPP will then give you a code to authorise treatment to pass to the therapist prior to the first counselling session. Psychotherapy and counselling through AXA PPP in Tunbridge Wells is 85 per session. In this case, the counsellor will invoice AXA PPP directly.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Aviva

If you would like psychotherapy and counselling in Tunbridge Wells through an AVIVA policy, then sessions can be charged to the client. You will be given a receipt which can be used to claim back from your ensurers. We can also invoice AVIVA directly for counselling sessions in Tunbridge Wells. The fee is 100 per session.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Bupa Counsellor Tunbridge Wells

If your insurance policy is with Bupa, then you may need to see your G.P first in order to get the process going. This might be a helpful step to take particularly if you are experiencing the symptoms of anxiety or depression. You can request Tim Potter directly to Bupa who can authorise sessions. Bupa will normally grant 10 sessions of counselling initially and they will give you a treatment authorisation number that we will need before the first session.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Cigna Counsellor Tunbridge Wells

Policies through Cigna are charged at 100 per session. The client will pay the therapist directly. The client will claim this back from the insurers using a receipt issued by Harley Street Counselling and Training.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Simply Health Counsellor Tunbridge Wells

The same protocol is in place for Simply Health policies.

The difference in fee structure is due to a couple of factors. Mainly, it is the arrangement between the insurance provider and the practitioner (which differs with each insurer). This is also determined by the additional administration involved.

Counselling Tunbridge Wells. WPA Therapist Tunbridge Wells

Therapy through WPA is also available and will require you probably to ask for the chosen therapist directly.

Excess payments will be requested in full after the first session has taken place.

In the event that counselling sessions are left unpaid by the insurance provider, and for any reason, the client will then be liable for costs.

Contact a counsellor in Tunbridge Wells.

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Counselling Tunbridge Wells. Anxiety and Depression Psychotherapy Award

Private Healthcare Awards 2019

We are pleased to accept the award of 'Leading practitioner in Anxiety and Depression Psychotherapy 2019.'

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Private tuition for counsellors in training - levels 2 to level 6.

Subject to the following:
The material is within own competency.
Agreeing on what the work is.
Purpose of the work.
To be treated as supplementary learning.

The work will not involve doing the work for you or thinking on your behalf.

Available in Tunbridge Wells on Tuesday to Friday daytime. Available in Harley Street on the first Wednesday of every month.

Submit an email contact form and ask any questions you may have about private counselling tuition in Harley Street or Tunbridge Wells.