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16th January 2021 
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Counselling remotely using an online platform.

Welcome to our online and phone service by appointment only. Online sessions take place via a face to face online platform such as Skype. You will require a high-speed broadband connection, webcam and microphone. This can be tested between you and the counsellor in advance of starting a session.

Who is suitable for online therapy?
The counsellor will include you when assessing the suitability of working together. It is not safe or appropriate to work online if you are in immediate crisis, at risk of serious harm to yourself. It is also unsuitable if there is a mental health issue that is outside of the counsellors level of proficiency and/or where a G.P would need to be the first line of contact.

How does confidentiality work online?
In order to work safely with your counsellor, you will need to ensure that you reasonably minimise the risk of interruption and intrusion. Threats to confidentiality can come through 'others' having access to your passwords, online history and data. Therefore you might need to consider if this is a possibility that requires attention.

We will require such details as name, address, contact details, as well as payment in advance in order to secure the session.

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