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28th March 2020 

Our Therapists

Tim Potter - Psychotherapy, counselling, CBT, Ego-state therapy, Logotherapy, Supervision.
Anxiety counselling, counselling for post natal depression, confidence and self-esteem, addiction therapy, co-dependency and ACOA. A recognised psychotherapist with AXA PPP, Bupa, Aviva, Cigna, Simply Health, WPA, Allianz, and Medisure.

Niall Crawley-Moore - Couple-counselling, individual humanistic counselling, Eye Movement Desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR).
Anticipatory grief counselling, volatile substance misuse, addiction, trauma therapy, depression and anxiety.

Louise Harris - Counselling, integrated CBT & TA, the Rewind Technique, video (online) and telephone counselling.
Trauma therapy, counselling for depression and anxiety, abuse, bereavement and loss, new parents, relationship issues, addiction, bariatric, relationship with food and exercise.

Therapist Profiles. BACP Registered Tim

Tim Potter - MBACP (Accred) & Registered - Member of the UK Chapter of Logotherapy

ROLE - Lead Therapist
A recognised psychotherapist with AXA PPP, Bupa, Aviva, Simply Health, Pru-Health, WPA, Allianz, Medisure.

Tunbridge Wells and Harley Street, central London.

Psychotherapy, counselling, CBT, Logotherapy, DNMS - Ego state therapy.

I offer empathy and compassion in a non-judgmental environment from private counselling rooms in the centre of Tunbridge Wells and Harley Street, central London.

It is important to me that counselling is user-centred, which means that you are included in the process of agreeing our work together. This places you in charge of what you would like to gain from therapy. Where appropriate I am able to integrate my approach to what is developmentally needed in the therapy work. I regularly monitor how clients experience counselling because this helps to keep focused on what we have agreed to do. This approach underpins my attitude to therapy regardless of approach.

Originally, I qualified in Humanistic therapeutic counselling (Person-centred therapy, T.A, and Gestalt) in 2000; with subsequent training in psychodynamic counselling and Self-Reparenting techniques. I have training in CBT and have specific training using CBT for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Most recently, I have trained in Viktor Frankl's Logotherapy, obtaining the qualification of Diplomate clinician in Logotherapy. This has influenced how I practice as a therapist.

I work with many issues that may be presented in counselling, much of which is detailed within the website you are reading now, along with some issues that may not. As a counsellor, I work with common issues that affect well being. Short-term counselling or long term psychotherapy with complex issues can be offered to you.

Should you decide to get in touch, please offer me an outline of what is troubling you and how you hope I can help you. We can then explore what the next step is, be it when my next available appointment is, or I can put you in touch with someone more suitable within the Harley Street Counselling and Training team. If we cannot help you within our group of counsellors, then we can do our best to signpost you to a 'trusted other' outside of our own counselling practice.

I have 20 years experience in therapy roles, and extensive experience working from private hospital & private practice settings.

I have worked as an individual & group therapist, both at the Priory, and Cygnet Hospital, where I have worked therapeutically on the general therapy programme for anxiety and depression. I also have experience with Addiction Programmes, Eating Disorder Unit, Adolescent Unit and the Mother & Baby Unit for Postnatal Depression.

When working with addiction, I have gained significant experience working in alcohol counselling; and working with adult children of alcoholics, and codependency. I am very familiar with the 12-step process of addiction recovery which can form part of the work if required. Clients gaining support from A/A, Coda, O/A, SLAA, N/A and Al-Anon are welcome.

Tutoring and lecturing in counselling related qualifications have formed part of my career. I have been a reviewer and developer of exam papers and mark schemes for psychotherapeutic counselling studies Level 2 to Level 6, with major awarding bodies - specifically with the AQA and AIM Awards. I have also worked under a contract for hire with the BACP working on the certificate of proficiency, which is the process of how counsellors can be registered.

I have taught counselling under the awarding body of the CPCAB at Levels 3, 4 & 5 and have co-authored/co-facilitated a Diploma in Supervision for Counsellors, Psychotherapists and Allied Healthcare Professionals, independently in East Sussex.

In the field, I have extensively researched how psychotherapy can contribute to the welfare of boxers, which nobody appeared interested in at the time, until much more recently, it has become more widely recognised as a legitimate need. I have also researched a few other topics; critical thinking in counselling and humour in psychotherapy. I thought that somehow, researching humour would be funny. It really isn't!


Supportive counselling for chronic fatigue syndrome.
A programme of pacing can be negotiated and the impact of the loss of health can be explored. How energy is distributed is also key, for example, worry and anxiety can be a component in some cases which uses up a lot of much-needed energy. Strategies to minimise the symptoms of chronic fatigue can be discussed.

Counselling for adults with dyslexia and dyspraxia.

Gestalt psychotherapy techniques for recurring dreams and nightmares.

Boxing: Psychotherapy and counselling for boxers (Amateur, Professional and Retired).
The sport of boxing has a unique culture and we respect the dedication required to perform. We offer therapy for the psychological stress of the sport, as well as the impacts and strains that go with the territory. We also understand how sportsmen & women can endure common life and mental health issues.

Self Paying - 80 Tunbridge Wells.
Self Paying - 120 Harley Street.
AXA PPP - 85.
Bupa - 60.
All other insurers: 100.

The fee is paid by the client at the time of the session. The client then claims back from the insurers using the receipt issued by the counsellor. This system excludes AXA PPP & Bupa because the counsellor will claim from the insurance company directly.


Therapist Profiles. Niall

Niall Crawley-Moore MBACP (Reg)

External Therapist

Tunbridge Wells TN1.

[email protected]

Individual and couple counselling, volatile substance misuse, anticipatory grief counselling, EMDR.

I believe that everybody can learn to take responsibility for their life, therefore, I value the unique qualities you will already hold that will help you along the way.

The work will be grounded in a confidential space where I can work collaboratively with you. My style is to empathetically listen to your story, without judgement. We can explore any difficulties that you might be facing, whether these be deeply buried, stressful or emotional. I hope to explore your thoughts and feelings whilst inspiring you to find your own answers. I consider all human beings are worthy of respect. I believe that people have within them an in-built desire to achieve their full potential, a powerful desire for growth. We can work with your goals to affect real positive change.

I trained in Humanistic Integrative counselling at the Wealden Psychology Institute. The beauty of Integrative Therapy is its versatility. I have the freedom to flow seamlessly from one approach to another, as no one approach is necessarily flexible enough to be helpful to all.

I have blended the most potent ingredients from Gestalt Therapy, Person Centred Therapy, Transactional Analysis, and the Egan Three Stage Model. This gives me the scope to adapt to the unique needs and individual circumstances you may hold. Additionally, I incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and experiential approaches into my practice.

I have gone on to increase my skill set by adding a qualification in couple counselling. I will now incorporate EMDR in to the work when working with your experiences related to trauma. EMDR is an effective and proven form of trauma therapy that follows a series of protocols and is widely used in the NHS and the private sector.

Background and Counselling experience

I have lived and worked with people who identify from many differing gender, cultural, socio-economic and diverse environments. I’ve worked in the construction, fishing and farming industries in various locations around the world. I also developed and produced many award-winning products while involved in the food industry. These experiences occurred prior to retraining in psychotherapy and counselling.

I have worked in several drug and alcohol recovery units in south London. Taking additional training in Volatile Substance Misuse, while working with clients in Non-Residential Medically Assisted Recovery and harm reduction programs. I also volunteer in a hospice working with Pre-bereavement (Anticipatory Grief) and bereaved clients.

I have a broad depth of working with clients experiencing Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Relationship Issues, Substance Misuse, Domestic violence, Sexual and Psychological abuse, PTSD, Panic Attacks, Depression, Flashbacks, Loss of Children from Miscarry, Abortion and Social Service and Criminal Justice Interventions.

From counselling rooms in the centre of Tunbridge Wells, I have seen a broad range of clients via Harley Street Counselling and Training. I have more recently, increased my client capacity in order to see clients for psychotherapy and counselling in Liverpool Street.

Tunbridge Wells.
65 - Individual counselling.
85 - couples-counselling.

ARRANGE APPOINTMENT: Contact Niall. I will respond to any questions you may have.

Therapist Profiles. Louise Harris BACP Logo

Louise Harris MBACP (Reg)

External Therapist

Liverpool Street, City of London EC2M & via Online and Telephone.

Counselling, integrated CBT & TA, the Rewind Technique (trauma work) and video (online) and telephone counselling.

Work Mobile: 07498 895026
Email: [email protected]

Therapist Profiles. Louise Harris - Therapist

I work collaboratively with you to discover which way of working suits your current needs.

Within the confidential space, you can feel able to explore your difficulties in-depth and begin to increase your self-understanding in order to bring change through counselling.

I was trained as a humanistic counsellor. This means that I am non-judgmental and the core of my practice is that I provide a friendly, down-to-earth, and safe space. I provide empathy and unconditional acceptance. There are various humanistic theories I draw on.

I integrate knowledge of various other counselling approaches also to help reduce your psychological distress and enhance wellbeing. I'm able to bring in elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Transactional Analysis in a client-centred way.

What matters to me is the client-counsellor relationship; many studies show that the counselling relationship is a major factor in the client's therapeutic growth.
I have experience working with people in recovery from addiction and also new parents before working with Harley Street Counselling and Training.

I work with young people, adults, and older adults across a range of issues that arise in counselling.

I have experience working with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, prenatal fears and postnatal depression, PTSD, depression, bariatric surgery, eating disorders, substance misuse and addiction, self-harm, low self-esteem and confidence. Also, sexual, psychological and physical abuse, flashbacks, trauma, dissociation, loss, bereavement and relationship issues. I also work with personality disorders.

I practice in the heart of the City of London, opposite Liverpool Street station.

I have an extensive creative and media background before retraining as a counsellor. Studying A-Level Art in conjunction with a Diploma in Performing Arts has been a great aid in developing creative therapy. As not every person is able to speak out their feelings and thoughts freely.

After graduating with a BA (Hons) Degree in Writing. I went on to work with a leading corporation as a Web Producer for many projects and award-winning programmes which aided me to deal with people across all levels, interviewing and dealing with sensitive issues and situations.

I thrive on my passion for the therapeutic process, working with diversity and unconditional respect. I also know how our overall health is vital to wellbeing and have a passion in healthy eating, exercise, communication and purpose. I am currently studying an MSc in Psychology.

Louise was an excellent counsellor who worked with me to devise a strong set of techniques to help me tackle anxious thoughts and self-esteem issues. She did this with compassion and care and made me feel comfortable even when expressing personal things. I would highly recommend her to anybody seeking help for similar problems. Anonymous 2019.

Counselling fees vary based on location and whether you would like a daytime or evening session.

Counselling in Liverpool Street:
68 before 5pm
76 after 5pm

Video & telephone therapy:
62 before 5pm
68 after 5pm

ARRANGE APPOINTMENT FOR COUNSELLING IN LIVERPOOL STREET: Contact Louise Harris I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.